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Targeted assistance
Targeted assistance
Targeted assistance
Targeted assistance

Targeted assistance

The Hurry up to Do Good Charitable Foundation provides targeted assistance to families who raise children with disabilities.

We are contacted by families from all over Russia, and as far as possible we try to help everyone. Indeed, it often happens that help is needed here and now, the health and quality of life of a child depends on timely rehabilitation, and correctly selected technical means of rehabilitation allow our wards to meet with their peers more often, visit the fresh air and simply smile and delight their relatives. We are sure that everyone can provide all possible assistance, and together we can change the fate of children and their parents for the better! Join us and we will do good together!

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Help is needed
Rehabilitation course for Artem Noskov
Collection amount: 97 375 rub.
Rehabilitation course for Dima Tikhonov
Collection amount: 223 547 rub.
Rehabilitation course for Rasul Rustamov
Collection amount: 228 562 rub.
Baby wheelchair for Sofia Kevchenkova
Collection amount: 135 125 rub.
Baby wheelchair for Leva Blokhin
Collection amount: 133 143 rub.
Together we helped
Closed collection for Alexey Pestreev
Collection amount: 161 143 rub.
Closed collection for Maxim Naleikin
<p> <b> Amount collected: </b> 194,750 rubles. </p> ...
Closed collection for Ulyana Khodortsova
Collection amount: 37 500 rub.
Closed collection for Arina and Themes Nikitins
Collection amount: 337 250 rub.
Closed collection for Nadi Krasnoperets
Collection amount: 200 000 rub.
Closed collection for Sasha Kazakov
Collection amount: 144 875 rub.

Dear friends, we are always happy to meet new partners, patrons and volunteers.

If you have ideas for cooperation, please write to the director of the Ivanova Foundation Tatyana

We are grateful to everyone in a hurry to do good!