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Rehabilitation course for Rasul Rustamov

Collection amount: 217134,00 rubles

Purpose of the collection : Rehabilitation course at the Sakura Center

Date of birth : 02/14/2011, city of Astrakhan

Diagnosis : cerebral palsy, spastic tetraparesis, ZPRD

The story of Rasul:

Rasul was born prematurely at 29 weeks, in a very serious condition the boy was placed in intensive care. For two months, the baby was on the ventilator and tube feeding, by three months the baby finally went home. At discharge, doctors warned that the baby has a lot of diseases and now parents will have to fight for the health of the child.

Rasul recently turned 9 years old. A lot of work has been done during this time. The boy regularly undergoes rehabilitation courses, medical treatment, classes with a speech therapist and a pathologist, massages, exercise therapy and is engaged at home. Last year, Rasul went to class 1 on an adaptive program. The boy retained intelligence, but the child does not walk.

Now Rasul needs a new rehabilitation course at the Sakura Medical Center - classes with a speech therapist and a rehabilitation therapist will help strengthen muscles, stimulate the musculoskeletal system and help the boy become more independent, better speak and understand others.

Rasul can be helped in any convenient way presented on our website, or simply by sending an SMS with the word UNIVERSE and the amount of the donation through the space to 3434!

The collection is closed, thanks to the donors!
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