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The Oksana Fedorova Foundation publishes an audio book about hero children!

In honor of the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory, Oksana Fedorova’s Charity Fund “Hurry to do good!” publishes an audio book "Little heroes of the great war", dedicated to the exploits of children and adolescents during the Great Patriotic War, many of which were not even 10 years old! The project is being implemented with the financial support of JSC Special Developer KINOCENTER.

The audiobook was based on a unique trilogy of the same name, authored by Arkady Vasilyevich Nikonorov, Honored Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation, member of the Union of Writers of the Russian Federation, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Colonel, military historian, veteran who has fought in a partisan detachment since 11 years old Bryansk. The trilogy contains more than 400 historically confirmed facts of children's heroism: on land and underground, in the sky and at sea, in the besieged Leningrad and in the rear.

The auditory version of the book includes stories about the exploits of 75 children-heroes performed by famous artists, public figures and talented children.

As noted by the founder of the fund, Miss Universe Oksana Fedorova "every year the war is farther and fewer among us living witnesses of the Victory, those who took part in the defense of our Motherland. Children whose childhood was scorched by the war showed such examples of courage and heroism that our people, our great Motherland, are rightly proud of - Russia. Our duty is to remember them, to restore the names of little heroes from oblivion! ”

30 readers took part in the recording of stories, including: People’s Artist of Russia, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Dmitry Kharatyan, People’s Artist of the RSFSR Leonid Kulagin, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Alexander Oleshko, Chairman of the Just Russia Political Party Sergey Mironov, Honored Artist of Russia Valery Yaremenko, Honored Artist of Russia Stanislav Duzhnikov, actor Dmitry Miller, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Vadim Kolganov, actress, trustee of the foundation Regina Myannik, actresses Elena Zakharova, Karina Mishulina, Maria Berseneva, Julia Takshina with her son Fedor Antipenko, honored artist of Russia Inna Ginkevich, people Republic of Tatarstan Aidar Akhmetov, singer and composer Andrei Kovalev, radio host Alexei Sigaev, fund patron Vadim Merkin with his daughter Maria, students of Moscow State Art University named after L. M. Lavrovsky, soloists of the BDH them. V. S. Popova and others.

The names of children-heroes adorn motor ships, they named streets, schools and even cities, but the names of most of them today, unfortunately, are forgotten. According to historical data, more than 400 thousand children and adolescents participated in the war, 35 thousand pioneer children were awarded medals and orders. Five of them - Marat Kazei, Valya Kotik, Lenya Golikov, Sasha Chekalin and Zina Portnova received the title of Hero of the Soviet Union, all five posthumously. The audiobook is designed to restore the memory of generations and talk about the mass heroism of children who, along with adults, defended their country and the world on earth from fascism!

The audiobook will be released in honor of the 75th anniversary of Victory in the form of a gift multimedia disc, and will also be available on online platforms.

The release of the audiobook is implemented by Oksana Fedorova’s foundation “Hurry up to do good!” in the framework of the project “Little heroes of the great war”, which also includes the All-Russian creative competition “Thank you to the little hero”, the planting of Alleys in memory of heroes of children, and the organization of thematic lessons of courage.

Link to the playlist with requests from project participants:

Press office of the Charity Fund “Hurry up to do good!”

Ksenia Borisova

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Information about the Charity Fund “Hurry up to do good!”

A charitable foundation was created in 2009 by the famous TV presenter, Miss Universe Oksana Fedorova, in order to create and promote cultural and educational programs and projects aimed at supporting and popularizing family values, patriotic and sports education, as well as providing targeted assistance to children with complex diseases . Fund programs: "Culture and Education", "Be in shape", "I want to help." The fund is located in Moscow, has no branches and departments.

The Little Heroes of the Great War project

A cultural and educational project aimed at preserving the historical memory of the exploits of children during the Great Patriotic War and the patriotic education of youth. As part of the project in 2015-2016 the trilogy book “Little Heroes of the Great War” was released, in 2018 the project was implemented using a grant from the Presidential Grants Fund: the first All-Russian online lesson on courage was held with the participation of veterans-heroes of the trilogy book, which was joined by 1,283 schools from all over Russia, the first The All-Russian contest “Thanks to the little hero”, as well as more than 130 Alleys in memory of child heroes in different cities of Russia, were planted, the project covered 43 regions! In 2019, more than 5 thousand applications were received for the “Thank you little hero” competition, and the partner of the “Russian Post” competition released the winners' drawings as a series of collectible postcards.

Official website of the project