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Appeal of Oksana Fedorova

Оксана Федорова
President of the Charity Fund “Hurry to Bonify!”
Oksana Fedorova

My Dear Friends,

We live in hard times: times of high speeds and wonderful technical advances. Our life is busy, interesting; we are always in a hurry, overwhelmed with things that seem to be of great importance. Sometimes we do not have time even to see our friends, relatives. But if we try to make a stop and look around, we could feel the heartbeat, see people in need for help.

Luckily, there are many charity funds operating in Russia. All of them try to occupy a place of its own: some help in medical treatment, some render help to orphanage graduates, some to homeless… It is quite normal. It is necessary even. Necessary to be merciful, since it is humanly. We need to be wanted, to take compassion, to support a fellow human being in an hour of need. You do not have to be rich or wealthy to render help. It is enough to be a kind human being. Charity is not just about giving a helping hand. It is about taking care of your soul too. We feel a feedback and moral consent inside when doing kind things. If someone turns to me asking for help, I take a chance to my do my Christian duty, and I feel grateful for that...

Let us hear each other, let us be careful to each other. If someone asks for help, don’t let us wait and put a good deed aside! The help is needed right here and right now. Not necessarily monetary one; sometimes you can simply make a call to someone, afford consolation, pray for or together with him or her.

Write to us, take part in our charitable programs, hurry to bonify!

Sincerely yours

Oksana Fedorova

Word of the President about the Fund