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Foundation History

“Charity is not just about help – it is about soul care as well”

Oksana Fedorova

After winning the 2002 Miss Universe contest, Oksana made her first steps in the area of CHARITY. In 2005, Oksana Fedorova together with the Russian Orthodox Maecenas Club founded a support program of the spiritual renovation of Russia. Information and enlightenment project “The Measured Icon” has become an important issue of the program. The goal was to promote an ancient Russian Christian orthodox tradition of the Baptismal Icon (depicting the Patron Saint of the precise size of the newborn baby) among the citizens in our country and abroad. The project received blessing by Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk, head of the Moscow Patriarchate department for external church relations (DECR) and Schema-Archimandrite Ilya.

История фонда Exhibition “The Measured Icon: Its History and Its Present” has visited several cities including Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Tallinn, Riga, Karlovy Vary, Paris, Berlin, Athens, London, Colombo (Sri Lanka), and Belgrade. At the exhibition in Belgrade, an auction of contemporary paintings by leading Russian artists took place, and all raised money was handed over to the management of the city orphanage Zvecanska.

In 2007, Oksana was welcomed in the united family of UNICEF Goodwill Ambassadors.

In Russia, she participated in press-conferences devoted to acute issues of children healthcare, helped collect proceeds for the UNICEF humanitarian programs, and performed charitable events and concerts. In 2007, at the International Children’s Day, Oksana arranged a major charitable concert in Moscow with participation of stars of the World’s opera and symphonic music.

In October 2007, Oksana inaugurated a residential compound for HIV-infected children at the Republican Clinical Infectious Diseases Hospital (municipal settlement of Ust-Izhora in Kolpinsky District of the federal city of St. Petersburg). In 2007-2009, Oksana was taking part in the Amway-UNICEF “One by One” Inclusive Education program promoting a wide inclusion of children with disabilities into mainstream schools in Russia.

In 2007 and 2008, Oksana opened UNISEF Peace and Tolerance Summer Camps in North Caucasian republics of Russia, where children from diverse backgrounds took recreation courses and tolerance trainings, learning to understand and to respect national traditions of neighboring cultures.

История фонда

In 2008 and 2010, Oksana participated in various missions, including the joint UNICEF-Pampers in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the country of Laos, where she visited local hospitals, got familiarized with local healthcare systems, and took part in vaccination of women and children against the horrible tetanus disease.

In 2009, Oksana Fedorova established her own Children, Youth and Seniors Aid Charity Fund. The name “Hurry to Bonify!” reflects the life rule of active, socially responsible people realizing one thing: the one, who is not in a hurry to bonify, will never do it.

The Fund named after Oksana Fedorova pays a special attention to fostering educational facilities for teenager girls. On October 26, 2009, she organized a meeting of young foster girls with Russian popular singers in the Girls’ Boarding School of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

In many schools, boarding schools and orphanages, Oksana Fedorova and her friends are always most welcome. In 2010, in the Children’s Home of the city of Ivanovo, children had a memorable meeting with winners of the Miss Russia contest of different years. Oksana believes: beauty has to serve the Good, and to take care of those deprived parental care and attention.

Recently, the Charity Fund “Hurry to Bonify!” has got a new tradition of holding joyful festivals for orphaned children at the Christmas’ and New Year’s Eve. On December 24, 2010, the Children’s New Year party was held by the Fund for 100 children from the orphanage of the town of Rybnoye, Ryazan Oblast at the Poklonnaya Hill in Moscow. Later on, the children enjoyed Champions’ performance “The Mermaid and the Pirates” at the Sports Complex ”Olympic”. Kids were presented with New Year gifts, and popular Russian singers visited the event.

The Charity Fund “Hurry to Bonify!” has participated in the restoration of the Pskov Krom (Kremlin) ensemble: the Vlasyevskaya and the Holy Gate (Rybnitskaya) towers. In July 2010, the Fund took part in the celebrations of the 66th anniversary of liberation of the city of Pskov from German invaders, as well as the 1107th anniversary of the first mention of the city of Pskov in the Chronicles, and the memory of Holy Olga, the Grand Princess of Rus, Equal-to-the-Apostles. Oksana Fedorova gave a benefit solo concert as a gift to her native city.

История фонда In 2011, at the Christmas auction, the Fund managed to collect proceeds for children whose parents-servicemen were killed while serving in the Ministry of Internal Affairs or the Russian Armed Forces and decorated posthumously with the Order of Courage. At the summer charitable auction, money was raised to restore the children orphanage “Nikita” of the Temple of Great Martyr Nikita previously burnt in a fire (Pavlov Posad District, Moscow Oblast). Besides, money was raised for the construction of a new house for the family of Lera Shlyamina, the heroic 10-year girl, who had saved her younger brother and sister from the fire that had destroyed their home (Vologda Oblast).

In 2012, Oksana received the Peace Award at the BIAF – Beirut International Awards Festival (Beirut, Lebanon) for the charitable contribution, and a month later she held the charity concert “A Birthday with Love” at the State Kremlin Palace in Moscow, Russia. Fifty five hundred guests were invited to the event, more than three thousands of whom – children. Tickets were distributed exclusively free of charge, and as a rule, were handed over to Charitable Foundations, boarding schools, rehabilitation centers and needy families. Children received cuddly toys from the concert sponsor – the Kenguru Company – and sweet New Year gifts – thanks to the concert partners and friends. Kids were playing with fairy-tale characters and snapped pictures with giant pink kangaroos in the lobby. The event appeared to be bright and touching, with games, good music, stunts, presents, and good wishes. In 2012, Oksana also held a charitable New Year concert in Ufa, Russia.

In 2013, the Charity Fund “Hurry to Bonify!” held the charitable event “Between Us Girls”, the first one within the frames of the Fund social program aimed at the development of maternity culture. Girls from Moscow and Moscow Oblast boarding schools, as well as from orphanage of the town of Rybnoye, Ryazan Oblast, aged from 10 to 15, took part in the festivity. All day, at several venues of the ARTPLAY Design Center, they were taught the basics of style, talked to psychologists and physicians, developed their creative skills. Experienced teachers and doctors were in such a demand that even after lectures they were surrounded by girls, were answering critical questions about family, friendship, relations.

In 2014, Oksana held the charitable concert “Hurry to Bonify!” in the city of Penza.

История фонда

In the summer of 2014 and 2015, the Fund “Hurry to Bonify!” held the Orthodox Christian camps on the Black Sea coast within the frames of the “Bright Days” program with financial support from the JSCB “KHOVANSKY” Bank. More than 80 children had rest and recreation time there; the majority of them have been at the seaside for the first time.

In 2015, the year of jubilee of Victory in the Great Patriotic War, Oksana Fedorova and the Fund “Hurry to Bonify!” with financial support from Vadim Eduardovich Merkin launched two simultaneous large-scale projects dedicated to the memory of War Heroes. The project “Women – holders of the Order of Glory” was a new edition of the book about servicewomen – heroes of the Great Patriotic War, and the project “Little heroes of the Great war” – edition of the first book about children having shown exemplary bravery when defending the Motherland against Nazis.

Our programs have gained cordial response among many people who joined us sharing our ideas and aspirations. Thanks to you, our like-minded fellows, the Fund goes on with its activities and more and more people in need will be able to receive our help and support.

  • The project Measuring Icon
  • has been launched             
  • Assistance was provided in restoring the ensemble of the Pskov Kremlin
  • 2013 - The first festival Between Us Girls
  • 2014 - Launch of a holiday program for orphans Blagovest Orthodox Camp
  • Launch the targeted assistance program
  • Start of the patriotic project "Little heroes of the great war"
  • Help was provided for more than 8.8 million rubles
  • More than 5 thousand wards
  • The Foundation implements 6 programs
  • More than 11 million rubles sent to help wards
  • More than 9 thousand wards
  • Within the framework of the grant of the Presidential Grants Fund, the project Little Heroes of the Great War was implemented             
  • Oksana Fedorova - Ambassador Mosvolonter
  • Within the framework of the Grant Contest of the Government Public Relations Committee
  • Moscow implemented the festival "Between us, girls"