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About us

Oksana Fedorova’s Charity Fund “Hurry up to do good!” was established in 2009. The mission of the fund is the creation and promotion of cultural and educational programs and projects aimed at supporting and popularizing family values. It is the family that is the basis of the physical and spiritual growth and development of each person, and our society as a whole. The fund also develops and implements programs aimed at developing the moral, spiritual and historical traditions of Russia.

Programs and projects of the Fund

I want to help targeted children program"

                     I want to help targeted assistance program for children is aimed at helping children with complex diseases in the form of paying for expensive treatment, as well as acquiring TCP. The Medical Council of the Foundation for the program is formed by the doctors of the Children's Clinical Hospital named after Z. A. Bashlyaeva, headed by the head physician, Professor I. M. Osmanov.                 

Program "Culture and Education"

                     The Culture and Education program is aimed at developing and popularizing the foundations of national culture, supporting children's and youthful creativity, increasing the values of family, motherhood, and also patriotic education of the younger generation. The program publishes books, sheet music, educational literature, holds forums, concerts and festivals.                 

Keep fit program

                     The Be Fit program is aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle, supporting children and youth sports, integrating children with disabilities in sports competitions.                 

President of the Fund
Oksana Fedorova
We live in hard times: times of high speeds and wonderful technical advances. Our life is busy, interesting; we are always in a hurry, overwhelmed with things that seem to be of great importance. Sometimes we do not have time even to see our friends, relatives. But if we try to make a stop and look around, we could feel the heartbeat, see people in need for help...