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Simple Things

The foster program aimed at rendering help to seniors, children and families in difficult situations in life.

People from various places of our country send us their stories and most unexpected requests. That’s right, most unexpected… I know, it’s difficult to imagine, but there are families where children have no cozy bed or winter coat… Basic things are not available. We try to help such families, we support them, give them things, toys, utensils, text books… This is how the “Simple Things” program was born.

The program was launched in late February 2013, when Natalia Anatoliyevna Lachinova (village of Obukhovka, the Kursk Region) had written to us. In her letter she told us that a year ago her daughter had passed away, and she had found herself with two granddaughters Angelika and Victoria. The girls had no clothing to put on; the house was left unrepaired… On March 4, 2013, the Fund had a vehicle loaded with clothing, furniture and repair materials sent to the city of Kursk. Victoria enjoyed her new notebook for school, and Angelika was happy with her doll in a pram and warm high boots.

In autumn 2013, the Fund using its network of friends and volunteers took part in a large-scale assistance program for the citizens of Russian Far East suffering from a major flooding. In January 2014, we helped Irina, the mother of a large family who had gave birth to her third daughter. The parcel packed with basic necessities as well as a pram, bed, chest of drawers and highchair were sent to the city of Yaroslavl.

From 2014, on invitation of the Reed Exhibitions Company, organizer of the “International Private Label Show” Exhibition, the Charity Fund “Hurry to Bonify!” within the frames of the Exhibition collects food product and general use items. As a result of the “Simple Things” charity action, we have managed to collect a whole lorry loaded with goods and personal hygiene products for the Lyubertsy Rehabilitation Center, and in 2015, for a refugee camp in the Moscow Region.