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Culture and enlightenment
Culture and enlightenment
Culture and enlightenment

Culture and enlightenment

From the very beginning of the Fund's work, one of the key areas has been the preservation and development of national culture, the implementation of educational projects aimed at patriotic education of the younger generation, the popularization of traditional family values, healthy motherhood and childhood.

Within the framework of the Culture and Education program, projects are being implemented for the production of books, notes, collection and transfer of books to libraries, exhibitions, tours, concerts and creative contests are open for all children in our country.

We invite patrons and philanthropists to join the program and act as partners of our cultural and educational projects.

If you are interested in cooperation, please send information or a proposal to the Director for Development of the Fund:

Tatyana Ivanova
  + 7-977-725-0063


Anthem of the Charity Fund "Hurry to do good!"

The author of the music is Stepan Ignatiev,

Lyricist - Elena Denisova-Radzinskaya

Performer - Big Children's Choir named after V.S. Popova, thin. Head Honored Artist of Russia, Anatoly Kislyakov

The premiere of the anthem took place on February 16, 2019 at the RSLB

Московский форум красоты и здоровья