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Medical assistance is officially beyond the main goals of the Fund activities; nevertheless, it is one of our areas, as medical help is a solemn duty for everyone. The “I wish to help” section contains stories of people asking for help. Remember, you do not have to be rich or wealthy to render help. It is enough to be a kind human being. You can come to help. Right here and right now…

In case you wish to respond and to help a specific individual – you can make a call, phone number +7 (495) 984-81-62, contact person Alyona Rypova, or simply send an amount of money you wish to donate using the Yandex-Money service.

Raising funds for Yuliya Kamagina

When 16, Yulya was awarded a nominee medal and laureate diploma at the international drawing competition in Sidney.

Yulya has been suffering from pancreatic diabetes since six. She sustained an injury when in kindergarten which resulted in an evoked disease – the insulin dependent diabetes mellitus type 1.

Yulya has always lacked self-control means required for the people suffering from diabetes mellitus. The state of the disease is different for each individual. Yulya had no possibility to control the level of sugar in her blood and lost her sight.

Today her life has changed dramatically. She is no longer able to use a paint-brush and paper; however her creative nature is alive. Looks like, Yulya has started to implement her ideas even more vigorously, but in a somewhat different way. Now, she writes poems and articles for the Orthodox Christian newspaper “Give the Good”. She writes in different styles: joyful, sad and educational. Besides, Yulya collects information on Orthodox Christian organizations in difficult financial situations in order to write charitable essays in the future.

Yulya strives to stay alive and tries to fill others’ lives with joy. Presently, she gets her daily insulin therapy that is to be complemented by the glucose level control. However, glucose indicator sticks are not free of charge almost everywhere today. Hence, monthly, Yulya needs 8 to 9 packs of glucose sticks, but the government gives her only one pack quarterly. Let us consolidate our efforts and give Yulya a helping hand in carrying her disease burden.

You can help Yulya and donate an amount of money using the Yandex-Money service.

Help the Omelchenko family

Last year, Boris and Zinaida Omelchenko from town of Miass (Chelyabinsk Region) wrote to us. Their family faced a disaster: the house had been lost in a fire together with all documents, furniture and clothing… Zinaida Grigoriyevna told us that people were helping them as much as they could by giving chairs, clothing, food… The family restores the house little by little, regardless their age – 61 years; help comes from their children, from gentle people. The most important thing in helping them is deep love, sincere care and respect to each other.

Our Fund has sent them a bran-new fridge and a kitchen stove for the new house. There is still s lot of things to do: finishing, wall papers, heating system. They can live in the house only in summer time so far; you know how severe winters in Chelyabinsk area are, and the heating system costs about 500 thousand rubles.

If you can afford it, please, help these decent people to restore their house. It can be in the shape of building materials: paint, wall papers, glue, etc. Give us a call. Our telephone: +7 (495) 984-81-62.

You can also help the Omelchnko family and donate an amount of money using the Yandex-Money service.

There are so many such stories, and everyday new letters come and come in from those who are in need urgently. If you wish to help a specific child – just call us. Our telephone: +7 (495) 984-81-62.