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Culture and Education
Culture and Education
Culture and Education

Culture and Education

One of the aims of the Charity Fund “Hurry to Bonify!” is to create and promote cultural programs facilitating the revival of moral, spiritual and historical traditions in Russia. The “Culture and Education” program is actually designed to develop respect to our country and its great history, to restore spiritual, Orthodox Cristian traditions of Russia in the rising generation. Within the frames of the program, the following projects are under way: “The Measured Icon: Its History and Its Present”, “Women – holders of the Order of Glory” and “Little heroes of the Great war” – the most important among them.

Guided by the call of President of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin on the search for unknown to the wide population heroes of the war of 1941-1945, we have done a considerable work on collection of data about the courage and heroism of young defenders of the Fatherland. Hence, the first part of the book “Little heroes of the Great war” was born. It was prepared and published by the Charity Fund “Hurry to Bonify!” and the Intergovernmental Union of the Hero-Cities and Cities of Military Glory. The book is dedicated to the memory of children, teenagers, boys and girls who answering the call of their hearts were caught in the middle of events of the Great Patriotic War. Shoulder to shoulder with adults, they were courageously fighting in the lines, in the underground, in partisan units, working hard behind the lines, making resistance to the enemy, tolerating the hardships in the Nazi concentration camps.

The second and third editions of the “Little heroes of the Great war” book are a continuation of the first book published in September 2015. The project has been welcomed by representatives of the Federation Council and State Duma of the Federal Assembly the Russian Federation, the Union of Writers of Russia, Moscow and the Moscow Region, youth and veteran communities of the capital of our Motherland.

Considering the importance of the raised issue, the book editors have been recommended to go on with the work in order to collect, depict and summarize the data on the young defenders of the Fatherland and to publish the “Little heroes of the Great war” encyclopedia in the future. The plans are to create the Hall of Fame “Young defenders of the Fatherland. 1941–1945” at the Poklonnaya Gora in Moscow by the 75th anniversary of the Victory.

The development of the project “Little heroes of the Great war”, in implementation of which more than 40 public organizations take part, will enrich the process of historical, heroic-and-patriotic, international and cultural-and-moral education of the rising generation with new bright names, examples and acts of heroism of unrightfully forgotten young defenders of the Motherland during the years of the Great Patriotic War.

We need to show the children of today’s Russia that these heroic deeds were done by the young ones of the same age with them.

The project’s main idea is to raise the children and youth of the current generation with a deep respect to our heroic past, present and future, to form an active life stance, sense of responsibility for the destiny of the Motherland and its people. The patriotic deeds of young heroes of the Great Patriotic War will be a decent example for them.

The project has been proposed in the All-Russian Public Organization “Russian Union of Youth” (RUY) to take part in the competitive selection to gain the grant of the President of the Russian Federation.