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Bright Days!
Bright Days!
Bright Days!
Bright Days!

Bright Days!

“Let us fill the childhood with bright colors!”

Oksana Fedorova


Regardless conditions the child is raised in, he / she must always have a chance to fulfill the bright potential of emotional images and abilities aimed at esthetic and moral perception of environment. The “Bright Days!” program provides children with a free access to cultural venues, places of active and healthy rest and recreation, organization of events in clubs and creativity studios for children, as well as concerts and festivities for them. But it is not all.

From 2014, within the frames of the “Bright Days!” program, the Charity Fund named after Oksana Fedorova “Hurry to Bonify!” with financial support from the JSCB “KHOVANSKY” Bank and Vadim Eduardovich Merkin personally, make summer bright for children from low-income and multiple children families of Moscow and the Moscow Region.

“For the first time we came up with an idea of the Christian camp at the seaside two years ago, - Oksana Fedorova says, - The journeys are unforgettable! It is great to breathe in the sea air, to get immersed in the Black sea warm waters… And kids make new friends and have fondest memories for the rest of their lives. And each time – great moral support, visits of holy places and a prayer…”

Traditionally, we meet at the Novo-Dyevichi Convent, conduct prayer service, release snow white pigeons for luck and – go ahead in quest of adventure, to warm sea and to new friends!

Girls Nastya Poldyayeva and Ira Zaitseva:

“The long-awaited day came. The bags were packed, everything was ready. Off we went to journey to the Orthodox Christian camp in the Crimea. At first, we arrived to the Novo-Dyevichi Convent together with Father Andrei to get the blessing by Нis Grace. And – surprise! Oksana Fedorova personally came to see the kids off! We were filmed and felt somehow uneasy because of it… Everyone made a wish and released an air balloon in the air. Some of us even released pigeons. And then: farewell, hugs and road to the airport. But the adventures were just beginning. At first, the rotating glass door would not let us in. Then we lost our bags (then it came, thanks God, from the black belt). In the end, we passed through the customs and registration… Here we are in a plane! But then one hour passed and then one more… We were sitting patiently in the plane waiting for the departure. We were told that we would be sitting for a long time because of a strong thunderstorm front. And then Irina Nikolayevna, our schoolmaster told us: “Let us pray”. And we started to sing “Ave Maria!” And a miracle happened. The very moment when the prayer ended, the flight attendant announced: “Fasten the seatbelts. We are departing”. It was great! Everyone shouted: “Hurray”, and when the plane got off the ground, everyone applauded. Many kids were flying for the first time. The clouds happened to be more beautiful from above than from the ground. And the earth looks like a plaid or tiles in the corridor. The flight attendants were giving us juice and sparkling water all the time. And we had a tasty lunch.

And here we are, in Novo-Fedorovka! The day was full of events and hard, we were very tired… But, in spite of this the mood was wonderful! We are at the Black sea!”

The Camp 2014 in the Crimea in pictures is available at: