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Between Us Girls
Between Us Girls
Between Us Girls
Between Us Girls

Between Us Girls

The issues of education of teenage girls occupy an important place in the Fund activities. Their future is of a deep concern for us! Our stand is that priorities of a strong and close-knit family are most important for each girl. Decent families, perfect mothers and happy wives will not come out from nowhere. They are formed through education and upbringing. The future of both the personality and country as a whole depend on what kind of a family girls live in. The program “Between Us Girls” is aimed at the development of maternity and family culture. Within the frames of the program, in November 2013, the first regional Beauty Festival organized by our Fund took place.

Girls from Moscow and Moscow Region foster houses, aged from 10 to 15, took part in the festivity. All day, at several venues of the ARTPLAY Design Center, they were taught the basics of style, talked to psychologists and physicians, developed their creative skills. Experienced teachers and doctors were in such a demand that even after lectures they were surrounded by girls, were endlessly answering critical questions about family, friendship, relations.

Opening the festival, Oksana Fedorova explained the main idea of the festivity.

«We have called the Festival “Between Us Girls” not by a mere chance. Everything that you will hear and learn here, everything you are willing to ask our master-teachers will be kept secret from others. Everything will be just between us.”

Special guests at the festivity were five girls from orphanage No. 8 for special children. They came only for one hour (such kids are getting tired too quickly), but also immersed themselves in the atmosphere of the festivity. They made bracelets out of real flowers with the help of masters, and communicated with Oksana.

Apart from training lectures, girls managed to visit creative master-classes as well. They were taught to paint, to paint out Matryoshka dolls, to knit Russian rag dolls.

In the frames of the Festival, a meeting with reporters was arranged. During it, we have discussed the significance of such events.

Elmira Migazova, professor, doctor of medicine:

«…a girl has to be correctly oriented towards realizing the vitality of motherhood, psychologically and physically fit to accomplish the most important female function. It is important to tell her about the risk factors and how to evade it or minimize its effects. Every girl is a treasure! So let us teach them to take good care of themselves!”

Annette Orlova, TV presenter and psychologist:

«These girls have no chance to come to their mothers, to get an advice, to ask about things of concern. The girls were approaching me, asking... And questions sometimes were so amazingly naïve. I am happy I could help these girls. In the least”.

Director of the Rybnoye (Ryazan Oblast) orphanage Valeri Nikolayevich Protasov answering the question about the difficulties in upbringing the girls said: «Nothing difficult when you love… I have one biological daughter of my own and 80 more from our orphanage. I do not make any differences in the upbringing. All you have to do is to be just and love them. You cannot do without love in our situation”.

All participants of the Festival have received personal hygiene products from the Procter & Gamble Company and gifts from Oksana Fedorova – cozy plaids.

Masha Orlova, participant:

«I like it here, very, very much. I wish to come here again and again. It is good being here, a lot of joy! I learnt so much today. Thank all-all of you very much!”

Village SOS Tomilino:

«Oksana, thank you so much for organizing such a splendid event! Thank the organizers, everything is super!”

The Festival was followed by a holiday concert with participation of the TOT Showcase Dance Ensemble, solo performers of the Child Art Center GELSOMINO Anna Golovanova and Astemir Zurabov, On-Stage Performance Group of Children with Hearing Disorder “Angels of Hope”. Live performance by Mark Tishman has become a real gift for the girls. The concert ended with a final song by Vice-Miss Russia 2008 and Vice-Miss Universe 2009 Vera Krasova, Miss Russia and Miss Europe 2002 Svetlana Koroleva, Miss Russia 2006 Tatiana Kotova, Miss Russia and Miss Universe 2002 Oksana Fedorova and the GELSOMINO Ensemble.

The holiday was a success! Each of us and, most importantly, the girls will have both an invaluable experience, and also warm recollections for the rest of our lives about this magnificent day.