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The publishing house "Music" has released "Children's album" by P. I. Tchaikovsky arranged for children's choir!

In the framework of the charity program "Culture and education" with the financial support of the network of resorts Alean Family Resort Collection, the publishing house "Music" released a unique project - "Children's album" by P. I. Tchaikovsky arranged for children's choir, with a circulation of 1 thousand copies. The uniqueness of this music collection is that this is the first edition in which the words are written to all the pieces "album for Children".

Some of the copies donated to Fund children's musical schools of Chelyabinsk and Yekaterinburg, music school of Moscow and in the Russian centre of science and culture in Brussels, and in the future, the Fund plans to attract donors and partners to produce additional copies, enough to send this unique publication of all children's music schools of our country.

Oksana Fedorova, President of the charity Fund "Hasten to do good!"

"Friends, we all since childhood know of the legendary collection of pieces for piano Children's album by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. This is our national heritage, our pride, an integral part of our culture. Pieces of the collection are not recycled musical figures, there are several transcriptions for different instrumental groups. Thanks to the creative Union of the head of the Big children's choir named after V. S. Popov, chorus master, the honored artist of Russia, Anatoly L. Kislyakova and children's songwriter Vadim Borisov for the first time in 140 years since the publication came to light the full version of the beloved Children's album arranged for 4-part children's choir, contains all 24 pieces of the cycle. This is an important step in the development of our cultural heritage, and the charitable Foundation "Hurry to do good!" one of the most important projects for the preservation and introduction to the national musical traditions of the younger generation!"

Anatoly Kislyakov, artistic Director children's chorus of a name of Popova, the author of the transcriptions of Children's album for chorus:

"Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky wrote the "Children's album" in 1878, inspired by "Album for the young" German composer Robert Schumann. Since then it has been 140 years. Over the decades, the "Baby album" has won great popularity as a work for concert or domestic music-making, and as an educational and pedagogical repertoire. In the twentieth century miniatures album Tchaikovsky had heard in arrangements for various instruments, various ensembles and orchestras. Not remained aloof and choral groups, mostly children. Big children's choir and its Creator, an outstanding choirmaster Viktor Popov, also contributed to the popularization and expansion of the performance possibilities of Children's album. Victor S. is attracted to the creation of a literary text by famous poets. The repertoire of the choir appeared "Old French song", "Morning", "Neapolitan song" heard on the syllables "na-na-no na-no".

In 2015, the year of the 175th anniversary of the great Russian composer P. I. Tchaikovsky, DHL named after V. Popov for a short period of time collaborating with the wonderful children's poet and song-writer Vadim Borisov learned, performed at concerts and recorded to disk all 24 pieces of the cycle. Success contributed to a serious and thoughtful attitude of the author of the text for each part of a large composition, to its individual details. Poet V. Borisov drew a fascinating and unique world of a child of the era of Tchaikovsky, with his "then" fantasies to us "come to life" toys of the time: wooden soldiers, horses, dolls, children's games, which kids today can see is that in the theatre or cinema, those unforgettable childhood "pictures" of the second half of the NINETEENTH century - a procession in celebration of the man, daring dancing, or his own, but with a harmonica, impressions from trips to distant countries, an evening of tales beloved nanny. Sometimes the poet manages to achieve the seemingly unattainable: to get in touch with the spiritual world of the composer, always in restless pursuit of the ideal.

Arrangements for 4-part children's choir, unaccompanied piano pieces "album for Children" intended to cover an even greater number of music-loving guys, introduce them to the culture of the past, while maintaining the author's intent, the form works, the melody, the harmonic basis. Many of the pieces in their vocal and choral characteristics available to a wide range of children's choirs, but there are also plays, presenting serious intonation, rhythmic or other difficulties, overcoming of which will be the next step in the development of the children's choir".

Vadim Borisov, the author of verses "Children's album":

"Work on the text began in 2015, the year of the 175th anniversary of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, and was quite interesting. When I started writing, I had an image of a noble mansion of the XIX century. First, there appeared the text of the "Waltz", on the train Saint Petersburg – Moscow I wrote the lyrics for "Baba Yaga", the play "Winter morning" was written in the spring of 2015 in Sunny Tbilisi. Through this work I realized how great the music of Tchaikovsky, as he's a great composer. I listened to the play several times, and at some point there was a feeling that the notes bloom like buds in the spring, and on paper fall of the word. I just sat and recorded. Found such inspiration, as if Tchaikovsky gave to me through his music what he wanted to say. As a result, the light appeared pieces for choir performance with a large common sense concept. No wonder the cycle ends with lines from the play "In the Church" - "...In the world to live and help save children". That is the prayer addressed to children. All in the name of children, for their education and development. As conceived Tchaikovsky".

BF "Hasten to do good!" thanked resorts network Alean Family Resort Collection, for the financial support of charitable programs and projects aimed at preserving the cultural heritage of our country!

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