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Anthem Fund "Hasten to do good!"

Fund Oksana Fedorova "Hurry to do good!" in 2019, celebrates its 10th anniversary and within the framework of this anniversary, on 16 February 2019 the premiere of the official hymn of the Fund.
The authors of the hymn:
Stepan Ignatiev , a young composer, student of composition faculty of the Moscow state Conservatory. P. I. Tchaikovsky, winner of the Grand Prix of the International contest-festival of musical heritage and contemporary composers "Tchaikovsky-the Legacy"
Elena Denisova-Radzinsky, actress, poet, public figure, founder of the project "We are all from the same clay"

The premiere of the anthem took place on 16 February 2019 in the Russian state children's library within the framework of the action "Give the book of love", with the support of Association of figures of culture, art and education by introducing children to reading "raising a reader".
The anthem was performed by the legendary Bolshoi children's choir. Popova, under the leadership of honored artist of Russia, Anatoly L. Kislyakova.

The President of Fund "Hasten to do good!" Oksana Fedorova said:
"The creation of the anthem is a very serious matter, and we have long pondered over who can be trusted. In 2017 in the framework of the International contest-festival of musical heritage contemporary composers "Tchaikovsky-the Legacy" we met with Stepan Ignatiev, who conquered the Jury with her talent and became the winner of the Grand Prix. And as overall winner of the competition Stepan won the right to create the music for the anthem. And the words created a wonderful actress, a talented poet and public figure Elena Denisova-Radzinska.
When we worked together on the material, we tried to make its sound, its melody and every word has inspired people, touched their hearts, made them happy. I think we have managed it."

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