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Youth Press Center

Youth Press Center

The voluntary movement “People of Joy” was founded in 2013 by Elina Berseneva and young enthusiasts in order to bring joy to those who desperately need it – children from orphanages and foster houses, special boarding schools, hospital pediatric units and rehabilitation centers. Festivities arranged by the movement young participants carry an enormous positive charge! Interactive games and contests, dancing and karaoke battles, gifts and awards, masterclasses in folk dolls – everything for the children to smile, everything to make the world around more joyful and kind!

Oksana Fedorova’s Youth Press Center, which includes young reporters from the voluntary movement, was founded in 2014. It has succeeded in arranging actions of the “Hurry to Bonify!” Charity Fund and taking part in such events as “Your Own Trade Mark”, collection of donations for the children of Donbass refugees, Children’s Day in the Staryi Gorodok foster house, donation of books from the Fund to veterans of the city of Pskov, excursions for boy Bakhtiyer disabled with Cerebral palsy around Moscow, visit of the pediatric cancer treatment center in Balashikha, masterclass in folk dolls in the State Kremlin Palace at the festival “Ecochildhood” and many others.

The young do interviews, take pictures and assemble videos, write articles on their own. Because of the Youth Press Center, more and more people are becoming aware of how important and useful are the deeds of the Charity Fund “Hurry to Bonify!” and our voluntary movement “People of Joy” is steadily developing and growing.

Alice Bagrova, 09.12.1999

Alice Bagrova

I adore painting and I work on my fitness. I like to talk to various people, especially when doing interview!

Nastya Danchenko, 14.08.1998

Nastya Danchenko

I am into photography, volleyball, music and singing. I’m a laureate and award winner of song contests, and I wright articles and adore arranging festivities for kids, especially karaoke-battles!

Anastacia Kashina, 20.04.1998

Anastacia Kashina

Love kids! When they smile and laugh! I am into learning English, and dreaming of travelling around the world!

Anastacia Semenyuk, 20.11.2001

Anastacia Semenyuk

I like to play guitar, sign and dance! And I’m dreaming of writing a book…

Vera Kandyba, 28.05.1998

Vera Kandyba

I like to read, take part in various contests, play with kids, and I am into journalism.

Viktor Ryabota, 05.10.1999

Viktor Ryabota

Champion of the Moscow region in the Army hand-to-hand combat. I go in for mixed martial arts and I like to arrange and conduct sports festivals for children.

Danila Koren, 23.11.2000

Danila Koren

I go in for soccer, martial arts and I like festivities!

Dmitri Danchenko, 29.05.2000

Dmitri Danchenko

I go in for martial arts, have awards for competitions, and I like to dance and when people smile!

Dmitri Yegorov, 07.02.1998

Dmitri Yegorov

I enjoy photography, videography, cars, and bikes.

Zakhar Zhukov, 25.11.1997

Zakhar Zhukov

I like music, I study foreign languages, I enjoy helping people and I’m fascinated by happy children faces!

Karina Yevseyeva, 08.03.1998

Karina Yevseyeva

I am into dancing, I like to arrange flash mobs and … when everybody smiles!

Polina Vereikina, 12.12.1998

Polina Vereikina

Been into softball for 8 years now. Master of sports. I like to arrange sporting competitions for children. And to wright articles.

Sophia Akimova, 19.05.1999

Sophia Akimova

I enjoy sports, foreign languages and journalism. Especially, interview.

Elina Bersenyeva

Elina Bersenyeva

Doll Artist, a laureate and award winner of international decorative and applied arts contests, head of voluntary movement “People of Joy”, chief editor and coordinator of Oksana Fedorova’s Youth Press Center.