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Phone: +7 (495) 984-81-62  Address: 11, Vspolnyi pereulok, Moscow, Russia, 123001 E-mail: info@fedorovafond.ru

Oksana Fedorova (Oksana Gennad'yevna Borodina)

Oksana Fedorova (Oksana Gennad'yevna Borodina)

Charity Fund “Hurry to Bonify!” President

Winner of contests «Miss Saint Petersburg» (1999), «Miss Russia» (2001) and «Miss Universe» (2002). Police major (ret.), Ph.D. in Civil Law, actress, singer, beauty queen, television presenter.
UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador.
Oksana Fedorova established the Charity Found (Hurry to Bonify!) in October 2009.


Alyona Rypova

Alyona Rypova

Charity Fund “Hurry to Bonify!” Executive Director

Alyona joined the Fund in 2012. She is responsible for the development and introduction of Charity Programs of the Fund.


+7 (903) 610-02-97

Elina Berseneva

Elina Berseneva

Youth Press Center Coordinator

Elina is also the head of the voluntary movement “People of Joy”. Takes part in the Fund activities as a Doll Artist, holds creative master classes. Elina is a creative arts therapist, laureate and award winner of International Decorative and Applied Arts Contests.


+7 (915) 050-36-37