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Charity project "Good day" is a unique social initiative of a famous actress, the Trustee of the Fund "Hasten to do good!" Regina männik and businesswoman, founder of the art space "Studio 77 Sinema Quests" Natalia Yudina, aimed at providing seriously ill children and their families, and employees of charitable foundations, medical institutions, volunteers, free access to entertainment events and projects on a continuous basis as the emotional and psychological help.

Each entertainment complex, cinema, art workshop and other types of entertainment venues have a time when the number of visitors is minimal. And it's illiquid time can be used to benefit – provided free of charge to visit children and adults with serious illnesses, orphans, volunteers, physicians, all those for whom the opportunity to relax, to be fed with positive emotions is especially important.

Actress and founder of the project "Good day" Regina männik says:

"The project was created by us in the beginning of 2018 to support wards not only funds, but also doctors, nurses, medics, ambulance drivers, volunteers, people who selflessly large and small acts of heroism every day. All they think about those who need their help, and we think of them and offer them rest and recuperate at the sites of the participants in this project. After all the positive and good mood is a pledge of successful work!"

How was born the idea of the project says the founder of the art space "Studio 77 Sinema Quests" Natalia Yudina:

"In our area of 2.5 thousand meters we can accommodate up to 30 people at a time. We have 9 quests, some of which is held with participation of young actors. All this was organized by people from the film industry – writers, art Directors, decorators. Children and adults themselves are divided into teams and play, then we can exchange impressions and go play other quests. In my Studio, the low attendance was on Sunday. Why not give it time for the funds to come their employees, volunteers, medical staff and their families. If to a Fund for critically ill children who are unable to come, unable to participate, the volunteers and the doctors who treat these children the Foundation works with a specific medical institution. And so for almost a year there is this program from February 2018. Now guests come to us on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. As a non-resident can't come on weekdays, we especially allocated Sunday, the first half of the day. We want them to be comfortable. Our quests – this is a reboot for those who have very hard work and constant responsibility for the lives and health of people."

Project "Good day" has already adopted children from the Konstantin Khabensky charity Foundation "Life as miracle" shelter "Happiness to give happiness", "Creativity", "Find family" and many others.

Fund "Hasten to do good!" is a partner of the project "Good day" and invites all entertainment centres across Russia to join this very necessary and important social initiative!

Project "Good day" – @good_day_project

The art space "Studio 77 Sinema Quests" – ;

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