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Hurray, we have great news - our project "Open tournament on Sambo-wrestling among pupils of orphanages and cadet schools" was among the winners of the competition of Presidential grants!

The inspirer of the project - a legendary athlete, 5-time USSR champion in Sambo, Professor Evgeny Leonidovich Gloriozov, first held the tournament since 2005, and in 2015 our Foundation is the co-organizer of the project.

Annually, the competition involves boys and girls from 13 years up to 16 years of age left without parental care. Many participants of the tournament are now a member of the Junior teams of Russia and defend the honor of our country in international competitions!

For children deprived of parental warmth and care, and sports coaches become mentors who help shape the character, define life goals and consistently achieve them. And most importantly - through sport, children improve their health, which is especially important for their further success and development.

We are confident that with the support of the Presidential grants this Tournament will gain even more scale, and the participants will get a vivid positive experience and a ticket to the sport!

The 2020 tournament will take place on April 18 at the sports complex MGSU.

Co-organizers: Federation of Sambo and Moscow Federation of Sambo-wrestling of the Moscow region, the Fund of support and development of Sambo.

If you have ideas and suggestions to support this and other projects of the Foundation - write in direct or email Director

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