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Partners of the Fund

Deeds of the Fund have gained cordial response among public persons, representatives of business and mass media. Thanks to the help of those sharing our ideas, the Fund goes on with its activities and more and more people in need receive our support year by year.

Russian people have always been compassionate. Helping a fellow human being is a physical necessity for us. Our ancestors, patrons of the arts and philanthropists of Russia, obsessed with an idea to be helpful to the people, would give anything they had in possession, would devote their whole lives to art, to science, to our country. It was perfectly normal for any of us at times gone by to give part of our gains for charity: to erect temples, to build hospitals, to help the poor and the disabled. The help was given by dynasties, and a big family like a big tree nourished by several generations would bring good fruit. This is an act to follow; it is our point of reference.

Thanks God, nowadays, charity traditions are being restored. We can be proud of joint activities with those people who like Pavel Tretyakov and representatives of the House of Golitsyn, make charitable donations for several years for now. Our well-doers: Vadim Eduardovich Merkin, Boris Vladimirovich Tchukaev, Petr Sergeevich Nemtsev, Dmitry Muraviev, Dmitry Yeremin, Andrei Poklonskiy, Tatiana Alexandrovna Dronova and others make a vital contribution to promoting respect to Russia and its great history in the younger generation. Thanks to our partners, children needing medical treatment or rehabilitation are given help, values of the family and motherhood are being restored, and sports are developing. This is the way history is written. Right here and right now, the names of our charity givers are gone down in history.

We are deeply grateful to you for sharing our daily concerns about the wellbeing of those whom the Fund takes care of, for your understanding. Thank you so much for responsiveness and your gentle heart!