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Mission and Values

The Charity Fund “Hurry to Bonify!”was founded in 2010. All these years we have been taking care of ordinary families, orphaned children, people in difficult situations in life. Very often, people need just a helping hand, smile, compassion… It is so simple to give a consolation to someone. We wish Russian families to be cherished in love and care. We wish children and especially the ones who lost their parents to feel needed by our country, to receive our help in process of their studies, of their creative evolution, of mustering professional skills, and to learn to work. When growing up we wish them to become strong, healthy and happy. We wish the boys to make a real support for their future family and their country. We wish the girls to realize they are mothers-to-be and have to ensure their healthcare, and every girl has to raise her own family, to become a guardian of the hearth and a kind and careful mother.

One more aspect of the Fund activity is to create and promote cultural programs facilitating revival of moral, spiritual and historical traditions of Russia. It is especially important for us to develop interest to the basics of the Russian statehood in the coming generation, to instill respect in children to their Fatherland and its great history.

These are the main goals of Programs of the Charity Fund “Hurry to Bonify!”

Please, do support us in our aspirations. Together we will be able to make citizens of country our stronger!