sms for donations

Send message:

«Vselennaya(space)(amount of transfer)», for example: «Vselennaya 100» to the short number 3434

+7 (495) 984-81-62


SMS number
From the bank account
SMS number

Using a short SMS number.

Simply send a message:
Оксана(space)(amount of transfer), for example: «Оксана 100» to the short number 3434

Partner mobile operators:

Minimum amount of one Payment — 1 ruble. Maximum amount of one Payment — 5 000 rubles. Minimum amount remaining after payment — 10 rubles. Maximum amount of Payments daily — 15 000 rubles. Maximum amount of Payments monthly — 40 000 rubles.

Commission fee from the mobile operator – free.

From the bank account

From the bank account of your organization to the following banking details:

Beneficiary: Charity Fund n.a. Oksana Fedorova “Hurry to Bonify”
TIN: 7701056639
KPP: 770101001
Purpose of payment: Voluntary charitable donation
in VTB 24 (PJSC) (Moscow)
settlement account 40703810100000002842 RUR (Rubles)
40703978000000002842 EUR (Euros)*
40703840400000002842 USD (Dollars US)*
BIC 044525716
correspondent account 30101810100000000716

* - For transfers of payments in foreign currency exceeding 5000$US, please contact us in order to sign a contract.

Bank receipt