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About us

Main areas of activities of the Fund:

  • Rendering prompt assistance to children and seniors in difficult situations in life.
  • Cultural and material support education-and-pedagogic and healthcare-and-remedial treatment facilities for children.
  • Facilitating the development of personality, its physical, moral and spiritual health.
  • Development of children creativity and trades, work with gifted children, as well as with children in need to develop their abilities.
  • Creation and promotion of cultural programs facilitating the revival of spiritual historic traditions in Russia.
President of the Fund
Oksana Fedorova
We live in hard times: times of high speeds and wonderful technical advances. Our life is busy, interesting; we are always in a hurry, overwhelmed with things that seem to be of great importance. Sometimes we do not have time even to see our friends, relatives. But if we try to make a stop and look around, we could feel the heartbeat, see people in need for help...